Planiclik is much more than a family calendar!

Planiclik is a family manager software that allows you to effectively manage the family schedule. Members can access your family space with their own username and password. Planning and communication have never been so easy!

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To gather all family resources in one place in order to effectively manage the family schedule.

To have handy practical and important information about each family member!

To share and account for child-related expenses.

To end the stress and frustrations that come with miscommunication.

Little extras for divorced parents
and blended families:

A function that allows to effectively manage shared custody schedules.

A Limited view function that gives restricted access to an ex-spouse, a babysitter or the grandparents.

A section specially designed to effectively share and manage child-related expenses.

A chance to keep children from having to be the parents’ messengers and to reduce toxic family relationships that arise from miscommunication with an ex-spouse.

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