About us

Where did the idea come from?

The idea of this project was born following a marital separation many years ago. How can one avoid communication problems between former spouses, and above all, avoid involving children in conflicts that so often arise? After searching for a long time for some kind of tool that could help one through such challenges, nothing on the market seemed to fit. A solution came naturally: why not design a tool and market it so it can be beneficial to all parents going through the same situation? And this is how the entrepreneurial adventure began.

Before Planiclik

Launched in August 2010, Le Petit Planificateur de la Famille d'Aujourd'hui was at once a life journal and an agenda, specially designed for separated parents with young kids. The main goal of this tool was to avoid children from assuming the role of messenger between parents, as it is often the case following a marital split. In no time, busy parents who were still united under one roof also wanted to use the tool to bring order to their daily lives.

A step into the virtual

That's when a second idea came up - why not create an online version of the Petit Planificateur to respond to the needs of different family types? After over a year of dedication, Planiclik is launched!

Family synergy in motion

Planiclik is actually the fruit of a family endeavor, whose projects in turn, are dedicated to families at large. A mother and her daughters, all having an entrepreneurial edge, wanted to offer families of today innovative communication and time management solutions to improve their daily quality of life.

The people who make it happen

Lyne Petit

Lyne is from a long line of entrepreneurs and has over ten years of experience managing small and medium sized businesses. Her background in education not only allowed her to gain experience in daycares and family centres, but also expanded her network.

Lyne is the mother of three daughters, born of two different unions. She originally came up with the idea behind the Planiclik project and always wanted to help reduce conflict between parents with the children's well-being in mind. In no time, she saw an opportunity to manage her own company and bring to life a dream she always had: to build a family business in which her daughters could play a pivotal role.

What describes me best: Optimists don't even perceive difficulties as difficulties, but rather as elements in a course we chose to take.

My biggest dream: To create a business that can offer mothers employment whereby their work schedule would facilitate work-family concessions. In essence, to reinvent the work schedule for mothers!

My favorite television show: Radio-Canada's La galère. This television show displays all the trials and triumphs of being a working mom juggling the kids and her spouse. Making it work isn't easy! And I love the “imperfect” mom archetypes the show proposes.

A daily planning aspect I have come to master: The time I dedicate to those around me who need my support. Having my office at home makes it much easier to manage my work schedule and be available for my family, parents and friends. Through this all, I still pay careful attention to when I need to say “no”.

Pascale Petit-Gagnon

Pascale is a McGill graduate in administration. She developed a sense of entrepreneurship at a young age while her mother, Lyne, managed her own textile company. Before officially joining forces with the family business, she worked in the hotel, retail and recruitment industries.

Favorite quote: “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you have to keep moving.” - Albert Einstein

Favorite city: Barcelona. The energy felt in this city is indescribable and the expression “enjoying life” assumes its true meaning.

A scent that makes me smile: The natural scent of pine. It reminds me of holiday rituals, fond memories with family and friends and the pleasure found in making time to find or prepare the perfect gift for those we love.

A household chore I would rather have someone else do: Cleaning the shower. Don't ask me why, it just gives me goose bumps!

A daily planning aspect I have come to master: Meal-planning. I love to cook and come up with great meals out of leftovers in the fridge!

Florence Petit-Gagnon

Florence, having studied in the fields of tourism management, public relations and communications, was lead to pursue her education in British Columbia for a few years. From a young age, she had the business fever and loved to give advice on how to strategically develop her mom's company at the time. With Florence's experience and solid stance, she has become a specialist in communications and public relations within the company.

My motto: “Of all days, the day on which one has not laughed is the one most surely wasted.” - Chamfort

A daily planning aspect I have come to master: Managing unexpected events. We should always have a plan B and then a plan C!

A household chore I would rather have someone else do: Ironing. My sister enjoys it. We complete each other so well!

My fondest family memory: The shows my cousins and I would put on during Christmas when we were little.

What I am most proud of: The act of questioning myself daily.

My biggest dream: To ski down an Alaskan glacier.